Black Friday Shopping Tips

Posted on 2012-11-07      

Top 5 Black Friday Shopping Tips:

(1) Be prepared. Before heading out to the stores, research the Black Friday ads and your stores’ hours. Fuel your car in advance and map out your route to smooth your shopping time. Make sure all of your coupons are lined up and ready to go. Bring some cash just in case credit cards are not accepted.

(2) Make a list and stick to it! If you really want to save money, make a list of what you really need, and do not go off the list. Every time you get distracted by a fabulous discount on something you have no use for, you're wasting valuable shopping time. Sure, you save money -- on something you never needed in the first place.

(3) You may also want to research online prices versus in-store prices, as you can often snag better deals online even when you factor in shipping costs. Many retailers are offering free shipping this time of year. Smartphones allow you to check pricing and you can see if you are really receiving a deal.

(4) Bring a friend. It's fun to shop with friends and family, but let's be practical: when you shop together, you can split up and grab bargains in different parts of the store. Just be sure to keep your cell phone handy, so you can communicate and meet up when you're done.

(5) Skip Black Friday and wait for Cyber Monday instead! There is nothing better than snagging huge savings from the comfort of your own home wearing your PJ’s.


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